School Campus (Infrastructure and Facilities)

Innovation Lab the Jamnabai Narsee School Hall can accommodate 500 people. It is fully equipped with every audio visual facility including an LED screen of 10 x 22 ft.

  • Aquarium Area
  • Play Area
  • Activity Room
  • Library
  • Cultural Rooms
  • Hall

Jamnabai Narsee School is known for its unparalleled infrastructure.T The aquarium area on the ground floor has an open chowk where pre-primary students engage in free play and social interaction.The jungle gym on the ground floor fosters social and motor development for preschoolers.

The activity room on the first floor has a reading corner, ladders for gross motor development, toys and kitchen mats for role play. This room is built for enhancing social interaction, eye-hand coordination and a sense of responsibility for preschool students. It also hosts puppet shows.

For cultural activities, there is a recording room on the second floor, and three other rooms for learning dance, western music and Indian music.

Classrooms - The Jamnabai Narsee School building has a unique architectural design with clusters of six hexagonal classrooms on each floor in the East wing (east side), West wing (west side), and Centre wing. These classrooms are constructed to form a hexagonal pattern. Each classroom measures 585 sq ft in area and has audio-visual facilities. The hexagonal shape is designed to create a synergy and an interactive atmosphere for teachers as well as students.

Science Laboratories - The School has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology which span over an area of 2400 sq ft. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. The laboratories are maintained in accordance with the ICSE and ISC Board specifications with the latest instruments, apparatus and specimens.

Fashion Designing (FD) Laboratory - The fashion designing laboratory in our school spans over 600 sq ft and has a designing room and a dyeing room. The designing room holds 12 sewing machines and two 84” x 47” pattern tables for applying design to clothing and its accessories. The dyeing room is well equipped with appliances and tools necessary for students to design the latest fashion trends in the clothing industry.

Computer Laboratories - There are two computer laboratories in the school which house 52 computers with advanced operating systems so that every student can keep abreast with the latest developments and enhanced learning programmes in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Art Room - The art room in our school is a 1800 sq ft room which is designed to drive each child to be curious and original while they study a variety of art forms. The art room holds more than 60 art desks specially designed for individual students which provide a generous work surface to complete their projects. The art room also boasts a dedicated display space which helps the students feel valued and proud about their work.

Innovation Laboratory - Apart from the computer room and science laboratories, the school has also constructed an innovation laboratory. The laboratory will provide a platform to young minds in the upcoming fields of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Game Designing, Drone and Virtual Reality. It is a centre for students to 'Ideate and Innovate' and pave the way to future innovation.

Library - The Jamnabai Narsee School has a well equipped air-conditioned and computerised library, with over 23,000 volumes which include books, journals, magazines, CDs, and subscriptions. The library provides students and teachers with a range of reference books, encyclopaedias, journals and newspapers to enrich their classroom activities and knowledge.

Home Science Laboratory - There is a dedicated 900 sq ft Home Science Laboratory where practical classes are conducted for the ICSE students who select the optional subject as a part of the curriculum.

Cultural Rooms (Dance and Music Rooms) - The school has four dedicated rooms for learning various forms of performing arts. Dance and music lessons are conducted in these specially designed performance rooms with wooden flooring, mirrors and excellent musical equipment and properties.

The playground consists of a full fledged football turf, leisure turf and running track of hundred meters. Folding cricket nets and folding cricket pitches are provided for cricket practice. The ground is also equipped with a long jump pit and four high masts fitted with sports lighting for night use.

Basketball Court
The basketball court on the JNS campus is the venue for the much awaited physical education classes held at JNS. It has an inner court of 92.3'x 49.6’ and an outer court of 100.8'x57.4'.

MPSH The Multi-purpose Sports Hall is fully air conditioned. It has a rock climbing wall which is thirty feet high, fitted with belay machines for safety purposes. The room boasts of all purpose sports flooring for badminton, tennis, basketball and other sports and fitted with a/v equipment for school and other programmes.

Nurture House: Nurture House is a safe place created to house the Counselling Cell of Jamnabai Narsee School. Providing mental health services to the student and parent body, the professionals use various approaches including play and art therapy to help the students aged three to sixteen while equipping the parents and giving them emotional support and guidance to cope with their personal challenges.

Resource Room: The Resource Room facility is delivered by a team of trained Special Educators who assist neuro diverse students tide over various academic concerns from preschool to Grade 8. They provide a blend of remedial and curriculum based intervention.

Academic Guidance Room: Education is not only a ladder of opportunity but also an investment in our future. Keeping this in mind, the Academic Guidance Counselling Centre is designed as a dedicated space to assist children in exploring and setting academic goals. Students are guided through every step of the university admission process by the centre. Here, they are provided the best chance at attaining their educational objectives from assisting them in identifying prospective universities in India and overseas that correspond with their aims to guiding them through the application processes to their preferred colleges.

Clinic: Our school clinic is staffed with trained health care workers like nurses, doctors,dentists and dieticians. Besides managing emergencies and assisting children and teachers with health conditions, regular physical, dental and eye check ups are conducted for every child in the school. The clinic works as a team with the teaching staff to ensure the health and safety of each child.

Canteen: The well planned JNS canteen reflects the values of adopting healthy eating practices to the students and staff alike. A range of healthy, nutritious and delicious dishes, as suggested by the school dietician, are offered to the staff and students to select from. Understanding that nutrition is important for young growing minds, every care is taken to ensure that children opting for the canteen facility in our school do not lack a nourishing and wholesome diet.