School Timings : Monday to Friday

  • Std.1 to Std.5 - 9:00a.m. - 3:30p.m.


We firmly believe that knowledge is actively constructed by the student - not passively absorbed from the textbook. Thus, in the primary classes (Std. 1 - 5) 'hands - on' learning plays a vital role in forming lifelong learning competencies.

In accordance with the CISCE curriculum, suggested by the ICSE Council, activities and lessons are planned according to the fourfold interests of the children - conversation or communication, inquiry or finding out things, making things or construction, and artistic expression.

Keeping in mind the philosophy of the school, 'Let learning be a joy and teaching a pleasure', field trips to parks and museums, conducting experiments, pursuing a hobby in school and learning life skills are some ways in which children are exposed to a repertoire of skills and a positive attitude, with a sensitized perspective towards the environment.

We aim to provide holistic and broad-based education, taking into ambit all aspects of child behaviour to develop their potential for learning which is lasting.

All efforts are made to incorporate the latest trends in the field of education, to prepare the future generation of learners to meet the challenges of an ever-advancing knowledge-based society and dynamically changing environment.

Equal importance is given to co-curricular activities which, we believe, help children to grow and become sensitive to the beauty in nature, and develop social values and aesthetic aspects of life, in alignment to the mission of the school.

In Std. 4 and 5 the Student Council is entrusted with the role of leadership. Keeping in mind the ethos of the school, 'teamwork' is the most important mantra for effective management. It is a universal truth that 'teams always win', hence, the term 'we' is more significant than 'I'. 'Team bonding' forms a close personal relationship through frequent and constant association. Therefore 'team bonding' is a requisite for 'team building'- You have to place trust in your team members.

After Std. 5, parents have the option to continue with secondary schooling at JNS or opt for the Middle Years Programme at JNIS.

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We are delighted to announce the launch of Quintessence 2023 - an intra-school festival among students of the JNS, JNIS & CNS fraternity.

Jamnabai Narsee International School proudly announces that our Trustee

52nd Foundation Day

"Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav"

Thank you all you Dear Students of JNS and JNIS for the outstanding heartwarming performances for the Teachers' Day celebrations