Nurture House

A counsellor is capable of both hearing and holding a child’s pain and that is sacred.

At Nurture House, we provide counselling services to the students and parents of the school. Our work includes individual counselling of students with various concerns ranging from anxiety to mood issues, emotional regulation, peer interactions, assessments of learning needs and facilitating the remedial needs of students with special needs. The team of psychologists conduct value education classes throughout the school on various relevant subjects based on the emotional and developmental needs of the students.

‘Dare to Care’ is an event in which various special interventions are carried ou to help students introspect and find ways to navigate various challenges of life.

Health talks are organized which are conducted by experts to enable students to adjust to their growing bodies and the emotional changes that accompany adolescence. Not all students have the courage to approach a professional and talk about their concerns, therefore the counsellors of Nurture House conduct large scale interventions for entire foyers at a time to reach as many students as possible and address their anxieties.

The Jamnabai Adolescent Mentor Programme is a leadership role in which students from Std. 9 and 10 apply, interview and are trained to offer peer support for a term of two years.

A special off campus training is conducted for the Student Council and Jamnabai Adolescent Mentors to equip them with the relevant skills to meet the various challenges of being entrusted with responsibility. Academic guidance for the purpose of interpretation and counselling of the MINDLER career assessment is also offered.