The aim of the JN-PTA is to build bridges of communication and solutions between parents and teachers.

The PTA was established in1979 as a partnership between parents and educators who strive to enhance student learning and enrich the lives of the students within the school. It is also a forum for parents to obtain knowledge, give suggestionsand voice concerns. It is a community whichhelpsenhancea stimulating and successful school experience for our children.

Objectives :
• To promote, maintain and develop contact between parents and teachers. It strengthens the ties between home and school.
• To establish means of communication, exchange of views and facilitate collaboration between parents and teachers on matters concerning education and development.
• To organize social, educational, recreational and other useful activities for the children and their families (for example : Teachers' Day, Grandparents' Day, Educational Workshops, Parent Empowerment Programmes etc.)
• To institute prizes for outstanding students of the school and to create a fund for the said purpose.
• To cooperate with other organizations having similar objectives, and take such steps as may be conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

The PTA is an integral part of the school and we appreciate parent involvement.


1 Chairperson (Principal of JNS) Ms. Kalpana Patange
2 Vice Chairperson (Std. XI ISC) Capt. Trisha Mohan
3 Teacher Secretary Ms. Visalakshi Rhode
4 Jt. Secretary (Std. X ) Mr. Manish Chaudhari
5 Jt. Secretary (Std. VI ) Dr Sujit Bopardikar

CORE TEAM OF JNS 2022-2023

6 Vice Principal (Middle & Secondary) Ms. Rekha Nair
7 Vice Principal (Primary) Ms. Sonali Gandhi
8 ISC Co-ordinator Ms. Rosalyn Athaide
9 Head Mistress (Middle & Secondary) Ms. Pamela Jacob
10 Head Mistress (Primary) Ms. Sheetal Jain
11 Head of Pre-school Ms. Juhi Yajnik
12 Manager Admin (JNS) Mr. Sanjay Lad

HODs – JNS 2022-2023

13 English Ms. Aparna Valia
14 Marathi Ms. Nutan Parab
15 Gujarati Ms. Rekha Bhundia
16 Hindi Ms. Pratibha Mishra
17 History/Pol.SC Mr. K. D. Shijo
18 Geography Ms. Aditi Sengupta
19 Mathematics Ms. Aparna Rao Dukka
20 Chemistry (std. 8 to 12 & EVS-Std 1,2 & 9-12) Mr. Ramesh Negi
21 Physics (Std. 8-12), Science (Std. 6 & 7) Ms. Pamela Jacob
22 Biology Ms. Ghoshiya Saiyed
23 Economics Mr. Jaishankar Ojha
24 ISC Socio/Psych/FD Ms. Visalakshi Rhode
25 ICT (Academics) Ms. Minu Joshi
26 Accounts/Commerce/C.St. Mr. Mitesh Bhatt
27 P.Ed.- Pre-School / Std 1 to 5 Ms. Ashwini Pereira
28 P.Ed. - Std. 6 to 12 Ms. Arti Malekar
29 P.Ed. (Sports Co-ordinator) Mr. Mecky Lobo
30 Cultural Ms. Boskey Parab
31 Art Ms. Geetan Bharadwaj
32 Counselling (Pre-School & Std. 1 to 10) Ms. Desire Dias
33 (Cultural) - Asst. HOD Ms. Leena Mer
34 (Marathi) - Asst. HOD Ms. Suvarna Ugale

HODs – JNIS 2021-2022

38 Head of English Ms. A. Kumar
39 Head of Second Language Ms. S. Pandya
40 Head of Humanities Ms. T. Chakrabarti
41 Head of Sciences Mr. D. Fernandes
42 Head of Mathematics Ms. Rekha M.P.
43 Head of Arts Ms. M. Bavkar
44 Head of Physical Education Mr. B. Santos
45 Head of Well-being Team Mr. M.Gramlich
46 IGCSE Foyer Coordinator Ms. K. Laskari
47 EE Coordinator [IBDP] Ms. A. Mahajan
48 CAS Coordinator Mr. P. Mehta
49 TOK Coordinator [IBDP] Ms. R. Sengupta
50 Personal Project leader in MYP Ms. K. Shah
51 Community Service leader in MYP Ms. R. Chaudhuri
52 ATL Leader in MYP Ms. B. Shah


52 Nursery Ms. A. Modak
52 Jr. KG / Sr. KG Ms. S. Sabe
53 Std. I Ms. S. Kermani
54 Std II Ms. G. Dsouza
55 Std. III Ms. G. D'Souza
56 Std. IV Ms. D. Kapadia
57 Std. V Ms. L. Castelino
58 Std. VI Ms. M. Prabhu
59 Std. VII Ms. A. Khare
60 Std. VIII Ms. M. Awal
61 Std. IX Ms. A. Tilak
62 Std. X Ms. M. Patnaik
63 ISC XI Ms. P. Castello
64 ISC XII Mr. V. Rhode


66 Nursery Ms. Dimple Vasant
67 Nursery Ms. Pooja Bhakri
68 Jr. KG Ms. Zeel Thakkar
69 Jr. KG Ms. Dhara Bohra
70 Sr. KG. Ms. Anahitaa Siodia
71 Sr. KG. Ms. Aditi Raithatha
72 STD. I Ms. Sonal Sureka
73 STD. I (JNS PTA Co-ordinator) Ms. Jigna Shah
74 STD. II Ms. Gouri Shah Menon
75 STD. II Dr. Rashi Agarwal
76 STD. III Ms. Ruma Mehrishi
77 STD. III Mr. Dhiren Mehta
78 STD. IV Ms. Namrata Mehta
79 STD. IV Ms. Radhika Morjaria
80 STD. V Ms. Niyati Sheth
81 STD. V  Ms. Niyati Patel
82 STD. VI Ms. Khyati Gandhi
83 STD. VI (Jt. Secretary) Dr Sujit Bopardikar
84 STD. VII (Finance Administrator) Mr. Premal Shah
85 STD. VII Ms. Shachi Lodha
86 STD. VIII (Finance Administrator) Ms. Wafa Sayed
87 STD. VIII Ms. Shailee Chitalia
88 STD. IX Ms. Roopali Dubey
89 STD. IX Ms. Nina Driver
90 STD. X  (Jt. Secretary) Mr. Manish Chaudhari
91 STD. X Ms. Rini Mahapatra
92 STD. XI (Vice Chairperson) Capt. Trisha Mohan
93 STD. XI Ms. Karishma Wadhwa
94 STD. XII Ms. Jigna Shah
95 STD. XII Ms. Tarmeen Kaur Anand


96 Grade 1 Ms. Niyati Desai
97 Grade 2 Ms. Rima Jhaveri
98 Grade 3 Ms. Priyanka Agarwal 
99 Grade 4  Ms. Priya Gosavi
100 Grade 5   - Finance Administrator Ms. Ayushi Chaturvedi
101 Grade 6 Ms. Amruta Kapoor
102 Grade 7 Mr. Siddharth Desai
103 Grade 8 Ms. Kajal Kochhar
104 Grade 9 Ms. Ruchika Gera
105 Grade 10 Ms. Anjali Chhatwal
107 Grade 11 (IBDP)  - PTA Coordinator JNIS Ms. Vaishali Shah
108 Grade 11 (IBDP) Ms. Upagna Shah
109 Grade 12 (IBDP) Ms. Anuradha Jasani
110 Grade 12 (IBDP) Dr. Arlene Ghosh
111 Grade 8 (IGCSE) - Vice Chairperson Mr. Manan Doshi
112 Grade 9 (IGCSE) Mr. Samar Chauhan
113 Grade 10 (IGCSE) Ms. Komal Shah