“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empowerothers.” – Bill Gates
After the stupendous results of our students in the ICSE and ISC 2019 Examination, the most common query from fellow leaders was, “How didyour team do it?” To this my only reply was “EMPOWER”.
As a leader, I have always striven to empower my colleagues and students by providing opportunities to rise and shine. Appreciation in public is always given where it is due, whenever they have delivered exceptional service to the institution and made a meaningful impact in the bargain.
Over a period of 13 years in a leadership position, I have realised that when your team members are happy, it results in incredible performance. Bearing this in mind, I did everything in my power to make the school a place of opportunities for my colleagues, parents and students. Thus began my journey of attempting to empower people around me whenever the chance presented itself. I have immense faith in my team and in their ability to make the unbelievable happen with their passion to excel. After all, we all love our school and are truly proud to belong to it and this feeling resonates among the extended family of the school community at large.
Nurturing a healthy environment along with implementation of innovative strategies has always been the school's objective. We have endeavoured to build a team that has embodied our school's culture and propelled the way forward.
Parents, teachers as well as students need counselling and guidance periodically. The open door policy, being kept abreast of the Plan of Action in terms of academic upgradation and being given opportunities for equal participation in sharing responsibilities has made parents feel happy and brought fresh air into the educational realm.
When students are encouraged to take decisions and act independently in matters of responsibility entrusted on them, the result resounds with success.
My colleagues who are energised through empowerment believe in the mission of the school and devise strategies to achieve the goals set for them.
My humble journey continues with readiness to face fearlessly all the challenges which tomorrow's world may bring because I have abiding faith in the Almighty and in His grace to attain the highest standards possible.

Zeenat Bhojabhoy