As students come to School to gain knowledge and wisdom during their School years, it is imperative that they are also rightfully guided to achieve their desired goals. Hand holding students through their High School journey form an integral part of the responsibility of faculty and the Academic Guidance Counselling Center.

Coordinators and teachers work together with the Counsellors to understand the aptitude, abilities and interests of the individual students. Be it a subject counselling session or recommendations to be penned down for the student for their University applications, they leave no stone unturned in doing their best.

Each year, the ISC journey culminates into students achieving excellent results and being placed into top Universities and Colleges in India and Overseas.

We are also pleased to share that the Universities in USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK & other European Countries have appreciated our students for their academic and non-academic pursuits by granting excellent merit scholarships over the past decade. The scholarships range from partial to full scholarships covering the entire cost of being at the University for four years.

While mentoring and scaffolding, the School works towards guiding each student to their aspired future goal.